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2010-07-28, 10:47 AM
ZoppinList v1.0 Beta 2 S60v3 S60v5 SymbianOS9.x Signed

با این نرم افزار خرید های خود را لیست کنید و آنهارا مدیریت کنید...


ZoppinList is an easy to use but feature rich S60 3rd FP1 list management application. It can handle several shopping and packaging lists. This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY.

- Multiple lists
- Earlier items
- Pre-defined items
- Send the list as an SMS
- Quickly change the order of the items.

ZoppinList 1.0 Beta 2 - Release Notes

ZoppinList is a free and easy to use list management application for S60 mobile phones. The application is packed with many features that make the list management fast and easy. ZoppinList is excellent as a mobile shopping list but it can be used also with packing lists. S60 3rd Feature Pack 1 phones are fully supported but the application works at least partially also on S60 3.0, 3.2 and 5.0 phones.

Changes (from v1.0 Beta 1)

- Added: Item count can be set easily.
- Item count is displayed like this: "apple x 10"
- Pressing keys between 1-9 will set the item count to that number. 0 will open dialog where item count can be set between 1-99. Pressing SHIFT + LEFT or RIGHT will decrease or increase the item count.
- Added: Keypad can be locked from Options menu.
- This is good when using the application while shopping. It allows the application to stay on foreground even when the keypad is locked. When the application is needed again it will be faster to use it when only the keylock has to be unlocked and the application is already available.
- Added: Marquee scrolling for long items.
- Marquee scrolling will be performed two times for the focused item that does not fit to the screen.
- Changed: Added items will be added after the currently selected item not before it.
- Changed: Verify uninstallation. Moved files from /Data/Others folder to /Data/Others/zopfiles. Deleted the new folder during application uninstallation.
- Changed: Verify uninstallation. Now pkg file will make sure that the pre defined items file will go directly to the correct folder. If an earlier installation was detected and the pre defined items file was found from the old path (1.0 Beta 1), then that file is either moved to the new location if the new location does not exist for some reason or its just deleted. XML files are copied to the new location but they will not replace the files that are already there if they have same file name.
- Fixed: List name is blinking when adding items