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2010-02-12, 03:22 PM
Towers Trap v1.6 - بازی استراتژی با ساپورت wvga
شما باید در این بازی برج های دیدبانی بسازید که از اونجا به دشمنتون تیراندازی کنید


Have you ever considered yourself as a good or maybe the best strategist of all? Now you can prove it and compete with many opponents, and even with us - the team of Zone Projects (we are strong fans of Towers Trap and will stand with dignity against everybody). Publish you best scores on the web, prove yourself and sign (immortalize) your name on the wall of the fame. In Towers Trap you protect the front line from many intruders of your land and you should give everything from yourself to stop them passing through the barricade. As many intrusive fellows you omit as many positions you loose, until you get ran over from the crowd of invaders. To your regret, the intruders are so many that your fate seems to be doomed, you will lose the battle... or probably win?! Show us what you are made of and prove that you are the best strategist from all, by not letting any intruder fellow to pass by you trap... The rules are simple - no one intruder should exit from you back door. You have limit of 50 lives (omitted intruders), and be careful that you can't get them back. There is 8 different species of intruders and everyone of them has special abilities and power. To stop the intrusive fellows to pass by you have 7 different kinds of towers with various ways to affect the intruders and destroy them. However you should arrange them in the most appropriate way to increase their path and meantime to damage them most. More details about the intruders are explained bellow. Towers Trap has 3 difficulty levels, plus one experimental level, where you can test different strategies without warring about the price of the towers. Thank you for choosing our Towers Trap and we hope that you will spend many interesting hours, charged with high tension and pleasure!


3 difficulty levels
experimental level
8 different species of intruders
7 different kinds of towers
Cool sound effects

Minimum Requirements:

Windows Mobile 2003, 14 MB RAM

Display Dimensions
176x220, 240x320, 320x240, 400x240 , wvga
Operating System
Smartphone 2003, Smartphone 2003 SE (Second Edition), WM5, WM6, WM6.1, WM6.5

دانلود با حجم 2.5 مگابایت :

لینک مستقیم : http://s67.eu.rapidbaz.com/get/_xw2s/Towers.Trap.v1.6.rar