توجه ! این یک نسخه آرشیو شده میباشد و در این حالت شما عکسی را مشاهده نمیکنید برای مشاهده کامل متن و عکسها بر روی لینک مقابل کلیک کنید : Samsung Pixon چینی از راه رسید !

2009-05-02, 01:00 AM
نمونه جالب از گوشی Samsung Pixon به دست متخصصان چینی عزیز ساخته شده است که دیدن تصاویر و مشخصات آن خالی از لطف نیست. d:

http://www.imageurlhost.com/images/f69b8s8m83w75h5qahus_thumb.jpg (http://www.imageurlhost.com/viewer.php?file=f69b8s8m83w75h5qahus.jpg) http://www.imageurlhost.com/images/0a4oul5gyl5lraw0j08_thumb.jpg (http://www.imageurlhost.com/viewer.php?file=0a4oul5gyl5lraw0j08.jpg)

Operating system
Dual-card dual-core functions to be, FM Radio FM
Built-in games 1 common game
Music player supports the MP3 download, play, support equalizer, support for Bluetooth stereo
Video 3GP, MP4, support 3GP, MP4 format video playback
E-books txt
Pixel high-definition video camera
Take photographs to support the audio description of video filming, filming a specific time determined in accordance with card space
Data applications
The highest 377K/256MB TF memory card support 2G TF card extended
Expansion of support for Bluetooth file transfer, Bluetooth headset (voice), Bluetooth music (stereo)
Data transfer U disk / USB data cable connection / Bluetooth
Picture format jpg, gif
Java expansion
Basic functions
Optional language Simplified Chinese, English
1000 Group Address Book fuselage card phone book, caller ring tones, calls Daitoutie
SMS / MMS 200 SMS, support MMS
Switch machine to support the switch from time to time machine, and to support the switch machine animation
5 Group alarm clock, alarm clock, can set from Monday to Sunday alarm clock
Ringtone format mp3, mp4, midi
One speaker earpiece speaker
Calls function
Other features MP3 function, MP4 functions, hands-free calls, Short Message, recording function, WAP function, handwritten input, radio features, Bluetooth, GPRS download, MMS MMS, memory expansion, e-books, attribution to inquiries, calendar, Do, alarm clock, calculator, exchange rate, calculated on the basis of world time, health management, mobile QQ
Appearance / screen
Product appearance straight
Size 110 * 55 * 15MM
Weight 115g
Optional color black
Screen material / type of color screen
260,000 color screen color number
Resolution of 240 × 400px
2.8-inch screen size
Package weight 0.65
Basic parameters
Time-to-market 2009-4-18
Phone type
The application of mobile phone business crowd
Standard two-wire (6800 milliamperes) / data cable / headset / 256MB TF card
The application of frequency 900/1800MHZ
Standard GSM network
Talk time 200 - 380 minutes
Standby time 200 - 420 hours
保换year warranty Warranty / seven days

2009-05-05, 11:11 PM
به نظر من این چینی ها خیلی در اشتباه هستند که میان از روی گوشی های تمام لمسی کپی میکنن چون اصلا نمیشه بدون کیپد یا کی بورد با این تقلبی ها کار کرد در نتیجه کسی دنبال اینا نمیره (من تجربه کردم )