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2014-02-14, 10:45 PM
Blux Camera Pro
مطمینن بعد از خرید هر دیوایسی میخواید قدرت عکاسی اونو بسنجید
همیشه انتخاب یک اپلیکیشن برتر عکاسی بسیار سخته که ما بهتون Blux Camera Pro رو معرفی میکنیم

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Celebrating for Blux camera Pro being selected in App store "Essential Photography 101".

“Blux has really come up with a new app that offers just about every feature a photographer could ask for all packed into one single app. Their ability to keep a very intuitive interface while still having a million and one features really shows off the complexity of time they spent on the app.” –Marcus Nguyen (iFans)

‘Blux Camera Pro’ has PEAR Technology that can verbally recommend the best scene mode for the lighting, subject, time of day, and weather. Now you don’t have to be a professional photographer to easily and effortlessly capture the perfect image every time!


-PEAR Technology: An Intelligent Photographic Assistant
PEAR technology includes a photographic assistant to analyze your environment, lighting, and subject to recommend the perfect scene mode so you can quickly and easily capture gorgeous photos.

-Customizable Photographic Tools
Sophisticated enough for a professional, yet easy enough for an amateur, Blux Camera gives you complete control to make our camera fit your style. Add or remove tools, such as histogram, level, grey scale, tilt-shift, etc. from your interface.

-Real-Time Photo Adjustment
Adjust effects, city inspired ******s, and settings in real-time on the viewfinder. Blux Camera allows you to take the perfect photo in the field, rather than trying to recover in post-editing!

-Detailed Photographic Information
Blux Camera empowers you to plan and create your perfect photo by telling you the sunrise time, sunset time, ISO, exposure, shutter speed, histogram, and the sun’s angle.

-Imaginative UI
***** sleek 4-direction swipe interface with smooth touch controls and completely customizable user experience

-Retina Preview
Blux Camera takes full advantage of your iPhone’s HD retina display by giving you the power to see your photos in all their brilliance as you create and alter them in real-time.

-Custom-Designed Scene Modes. Including:
•Innovative Backlit Mode
•Rejuvenating Portrait Mode
•Appetizing Food Mode
•Convenient Whiteboard Mode
•Stylish HighKey Mode

“If Rick Deckard had carried an iPhone in the movie ‘Blade Runner’, and he’d used a camera app, that app would have been BLUX. Not only is it a pretty great iPhone camera replacement app, but it has all the bleeps, bloops, on-screen graphics a futuristic sci-fi *******nt could ask for. [Heck], it even has a neat computer voice that offers photographic advice.” –Charlie Sorrel (Cult of Mac)


Updated: Oct 15, 2013
Version: 1.1.1
Size: 8.6 MB

سازگار با آیفون و آیپاد با iOS5 و بالاتر




دانلود فایل - bluxcamerapro28v1.1.129.ipa - مرکز آپلود موبایل اوّل (http://upload.ir-tci.org/index.php/files/get/T-53SIPR1z/bluxcamerapro28v1.1.129.ipa)