توجه ! این یک نسخه آرشیو شده میباشد و در این حالت شما عکسی را مشاهده نمیکنید برای مشاهده کامل متن و عکسها بر روی لینک مقابل کلیک کنید : مجموعه جامع از رام های ابر گوشی HTC HD2

2014-01-24, 04:27 PM
با سلام در این تایپک قصد آن را داریم با همکاری تمامی مدیران و کاربران عزیز مجموعه کاملی از رام های گوشی HTC HD2 را ارایه دهیم

اولین رام که می خوام معرف کنم بهترین و آخرین ورژن از رام های ارایه شده برای این گوشی می باشد...

[ROM] Sense of Eclipse 3.922


[*=left]Based on HTC Sensation XL with Beats Audio RUU 1.27.1400.4
[*=left]Android 2.3.5 with Sense 3.5
[*=left]Uses my own Eclipse Kernel (http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2117084)
[*=left]No graphical glithes
[*=left]Working 3D previews
[*=left]Working WiFi Tether app
[*=left]Working 800x480 video recording
[*=left]Customizable AROMA installation
[*=left]ZRAM swap ready (enabled using safe ZRAM installer created by me)
[*=left]Rooted (Busybox, *****SU)
[*=left]Supports both EU and US HD2 models
[*=left]Supports both MAGLDR and cLK bootloaders
[*=left]Supports non-standard cLK partition order
[*=left]Selectable data storage mode (AD2SDX, DA2SDM, DataOnEXT + DalvikOnNAND, NAND)
[*=left]Installable through ClockworkMod Recovery
[*=left]Fully automated device detection
[*=left]Installation can align EXT4 partition on SD card
[*=left]CRT animation enabled
[*=left]T-Mobile WiFi Calling enabled
[*=left]Sense 4 epxerience (wallapers, clock widget)
[*=left]Support for RTL languages
[*=left]Proper AGPS support
[*=left]Deodexed and zipaligned
[*=left]Optimized for battery saving
[*=left]Performance tweaks for smooth operation
[*=left]Overclocking ready
[*=left]All applications updated to latest version

Known Issues

[*=left]Nothing serious to worry about...

System Requirements

[*=left]HSPL 2.08
[*=left]MAGLDR 1.13 / cLK 1.5
[*=left]ClockworkMod Recovery
[*=left]Class 4 microSDHC card with 1 GB EXT4 partition


Starting from version 3.0 all installation packages were merged and now full build includes files for all supported configurations.
Installation is fully automatic with few exceptions - AROMA installer enables users to choose from:

[*=left]Wipe user data (and align EXT partition)
[*=left]Leave user data intact

[*=left]Data is 1st partition
[*=left]Data is 2nd partition
[*=left]Data is 3rd partition
[*=left]Data is 4th partition
[*=left]Data is 5th partition
[*=left]Data is 6th partition (this is the default position)
[*=left]Data is 7th partition

[*=left]marc1706 kernel
[*=left]GBLeo kernel

[*=left]DataOnEXT + DalvikOnNAND
[*=left]NAND (for T-Mobile HD2 only)

[*=left]Enable ZRAM
[*=left]Disable ZRAM

Other device configuration is detected automatically.

For NAND partitioning I recommend using HD2 NAND Toolkit (http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=19931919&postcount=501), but you can use other tools if you want:

[*=left]Required misc partition size for all configurations is 1 MB
[*=left]Recovery partition size can be determined by the size of recovery.img
[*=left]Required boot partition size for all configurations is 5 MB
[*=left]Required cache size for all configurations is 5 MB
[*=left]Required system partition size for all configurations is 100 MB for both phone models
[*=left]User data partition should spread the rest of the NAND

For SD card partitioning I recommend GParted on Linux or MiniTool Partition Wizard (http://www.partitionwizard.com/free-partition-manager.html) on Windows:

[*=left]FAT32 partition must be first and EXT4 partition must be second, both must be primary partitions
[*=left]Linux Swap partition is not supported, because it only degrades the performance. Use ZRAM swap if you want more performance!

GPS configuration included in the ROM by default is optimized for global use, there is no need to alter configuration for different regions!


برای دانلود این رام از سایت مرجع رام ها به این این لینک (http://opizo.com/4hdgr) مراجعه کنید .


شروع کن کارا خودشون آسون میشن !!!
***** eequ.blogfa.com *****

2014-01-24, 04:39 PM
رام دیگر برای HDC HD2

CM-11.0 unofficial - Android 4.4 [2.6.x and 3.0.101 kernel]

What is working 2.6.32 kernel;

- lights
- calling
- mobile data 2g/3g
- camera
- sound
- display + touch

not working

- adb
- wifi
- camcorder

What is working 2.6.35 kernel:

- adb
- lights
- Display + Touchscreen
- mobile data 2g/3g
- no need for xattr on yaffs2

What is working 3.0.101 kernel:

- Lights
- Display + Touchscreen
- Sound
- 2g/3g
- calling

OLD !!

Android 4.4 for HTC – LEO


برای دانلود این رام از سایت مرجع رام ها به این لینک (http://opizo.com/h1MUu)مراجعه کنید .

شروع کن کارا خوشون آسون میشن !!!
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2014-01-24, 04:49 PM
[SlimKat 4.4.1 TestVersion Beta 1.4]


Whats working:
• Phone
• Audio
• Data: 3G/HSDPA
• Notification lights
• Wi-Fi
• Bluetooth
• Camera

Not Working/Bugs:
• USB Mass Storage
• SystemUI bugs
• New Youtube not work
• Camcorder
• Stock Browser not work

Feature include Slim ROM
• Tytungs R2 Kernel
• Aroma Installer ( Credits tytung)
• Slim Features see HERE

Minimum required: 320MB
Recommended: 350~400MB

• Nand, Data2Ext, NativeSD, DirectSD
• MAGLDR, CLK, Haret


برای دانلود این رام از سایت مرجع رام ها به این لینک (http://opizo.com/JL5Ix)مراجعه کنید .

شروع کن کارا خوشون آسون میشن !!!
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2014-01-24, 04:55 PM
[Pixeldroid JB 4.2.2 V3.0] [AOKP & CARBON]

· Installation
★ Partition Tool
★ HD2 Tool
★ Recovery for SD
★ task29
★ instal ***** wipe via CWM
★ make full wipe via CWM
★ install your bootloader magldr or clk
★ install Recovery with 360 MB System and 5 MB Cache
★ 2 GB EXT4 cluster default / SWAP 256 MB / the rest FAT32 cluster default
★ install the Rom via CWM
★ after the first boot make reboot to recovery
★ Fix Permission
★ after the install is a black screen -> push the HOME button
★ "Settings>Display>volume rocker wake" for awakening with the volume button

★ SD Card and Terminal Guide -> dmesg/logcat/kmesg/dalvic_cache/fsck_msdos HERE
· what Features
★ aokp open source project / many thanks to romanbb from aokp team and system files from Carbon Team
★ Transparency
★ switch settings background
★ delete cpu rendering
★ load carbon wallpapers
★ PIE Controll
★ Rooted (Busybox, *****user)
★ Nos_injection_4cylturbo
★ Supports both magldr & clk
★ Supports both EU & TmoUS
★ Rom System Control from AOKP
★ Tytung´s JB R2 Kernel
★ Tytung´s HWA / thanks Tytung
★ Monster Sound
★ Screenshot
★ Developer Menu enabled
★ working 720P and Cam / thanks Tytung
★ working wifi tether with barnacle from AROMA -> activate settings/skip wpa_suplicant
★ working USB storage
★ vocalizer for better TTS ->install from AROMA
★ newest play store transparence
★ full working GPS
★ full working landscape with navigation
★ newest play store
★ other lock and unlock sounds
★ and more and more....
· Known Issues / not work
★ ...................................
· Rom performance
★ very little accumulator use
★ fast working mobile network
★ fast working GPS
★ fast working WIFI
· AROMA Install
★ Language Englisch
★ more App´s & Widgets
★ RMNET or ppp
★ NAND or NAND with DATAonEXT or nativeSD
· Thanks to
★ AOKP Team
★ Carbon Team
★ Tytung
★ romanbb
★ NYLimited
★ Titanic52
★ Kameirus
★ Exit_Only
★ eng.stk
★ PartimusPrime
★ Bboy
★ Rizal Lovins
★ ra3al
★ zhuhang
★ and whoever i missed.....

★ tommypacker´s porting to Nexus One HERE and HTC Desire HERE


برای دانلود این رام از سایت مرجع رام ها به (http://opizo.com/veo70)این لینک (http://opizo.com/veo70)مراجعه کنید .

شروع کن کارا خوشون آسون میشن !!!
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