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2008-09-26, 04:11 PM
Smartphoneware Best Call Manager v1.0 S60v3 SymbianOS9 incl Keygen-HSpda

یکی از بهترین و کاربردی ترین برنامه های مدریت تماس به همراه کیجن برنامه..

Best Call Manager expands the functionality of your smartphone adding more options to be used during or right after a phone call. Make and browse notes which can be tagged to the person you're currently speaking with or global notes to be displayed during any call. Call duration timer, instant call back or sms send, view current contact details, unknown numbers fast shipping to new or existing contacts, creating calendar events and many more other functions to explore.


How it works:

* When the service is activated you can access its functionality by pressing [Menu] key during a call and / or some seconds after it is completed

* During the call MENU key behavior is modified. Its first press pops up the service window with additional functions you can access during the call. Second press - opens menu application, third - opens phone application. Long press - opens built-in taskmanager. Some seconds after the call (configurable) the default behavior of menu key is restored. Also the service can be configured to pop up automatically when the call started or ended if needed.

Best Call Manager consists of two main modules: Configuration application and Service module.

Configuration application

Configuration application is accessible from your Menu desktop as any normal application. There you can start/stop the service, configure its settings and browse/edit notes you made during a call or prepare notes for your contacts to access them fast during a call.

Service state

To use Best Call Manager service you should install and start the application, then configure the needed options and turn the service on. When Best Call Manager service is activated there is no need to keep the configuration application opened. You may close it in order not to waste your device memory, the service will do its job absolutely transparently in the background. If the service is activated it is started automatically on system start. When you want to stop or suspend the service just open the configuration application and turn it off.


Service popup

* Manual only – the service functionality can be accessed by pressing MENU key during a call and / or some seconds after it is completed only.
* During call – the service window will pop up automatically as soon as a call is established. Also you still can use MENU key to pop it up manually.
* After call - the service window will pop up automatically as soon as a call is ended. Also you still can use MENU key to pop it up manually.

Fadeout after

The service window can fade out automatically if you do not press any keys during specified in this option time period. If you set up 0 the service is not going to fade out automatically. It will fade out when you press Dismiss only.

Deactivation delay:

MENU key still can pop up the service some time after the call is ended. Here you can configure this time period.

Note browser

Here you can browse any notes you have created during the calls or create new ones to access them instantly speaking with the contact they are tagged to.

You can create:

* global note Global notes - These ones will be displayed with any contact you’re speaking with.
* contact note Contact tagged - These ones will be displayed when the specified person that note is tagged to is calling you or you’re calling him.
* unknown note Unknown phone tagged - These notes will be displayed when you are called by someone with hidden/private number.

Notes can be sorted by last modify date (the ones you modified last displayed first) or you can group them by contacts/phone numbers;

Service window

The service window displays notes and additional actions you can use during or after the call. It displays all global notes and notes tagged for the person you currently speaking with.

Available actions:

* Duration - If a call is in progress you can see a dynamic duration timer to check the current call duration anytime you need. If a call is finished it displays full duration of it.

* New note - adds new note tagged to the current contact or just a phone number.

* Edit note - views and edits the selected note.

* Delete note - deletes currently selected note.

* Call back - calls the current phone number. If the call is currently in progress it ends it and calls back.

* Send SMS - Opens SMS editor with pre-typed number you’re currently speaking with or spoken with.

* Open contact - If you’re in conversation with the person from your contact book this command will open this contact for your reference.

* Save in contacts - If the phone number of the current call was determined (not private) and this phone is not in your contact book you can create a new contact or update some existing contact with this number using this command.

* Calendar - allows you to access your calendar and todo's fast to browse planned events or create a new one fast.

* Dismiss - closes and hides the service window.

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