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2012-08-10, 09:33 AM
AcroPlayer - موزیک پلیری متفاوت با قابلیت اعلام ساعت

با این کوزیک پلیر و با زدن دکمه ریموت هنگام پخش آهنگ ساعت نیز برای شما گفته میشه و نیاز به دست زدن به گوشی ندارید

پلیر زیبا و دارای تم های گوناگون میباشد

سازگار با نوتیفیکیشن در ios5

http://static.apptrackr.cd/itunes/5/483554235-1344559468/screenshot4_1344559921_de699e65f0cab1bde453b958f58 83f8f.jpghttp://static.apptrackr.cd/itunes/5/483554235-1344559468/screenshot1_1344559921_66128030afceab6eeade7ebf05a 15e63.jpg

"Music Player (with various design) + Alarm Clock (with various design) + Remote voice clock"★ The app that it has downloaded over 60,000 in all the world. ★

Is your iPhone in your bag when you want to know the time?
Now, you can know the time without take the iPhone out of your bag.
★ If you listen to music, only control the remote of your iPhone. ★
★ You can listen to the voice for time. AcroPlayer has a voice of the recorded voice (from voice actor). ★

Everyday same player UI... Now, you can choose a theme and a background image that you want to style.
Also, you can use a music for alarm.

Do you need to study a foreign language?
Music player also support AB-repeat and adjustable play speed.

If you didn't want to manage songs with iTunes playlist?
You can make playlists from ZIP file (MP3/M4A included).

▶ Supported Language

✓ English / Korean / Japanese

▶ Key Features (v 1.5)

☞ Common

✓ Various themes. (Now, Music Player:8/Clock:8)
✓ Choosable background images. (Provided photos (Now, about 70 photos) and user photo.)
✓ Voice time notification as press and hold the screen
✓ Voice time notification as using remote control. (See the option menu. default:FF (• —))
✓ Media file supported alarm
✓ Sleep timer. (Music stops after a period of time).
✓ Song information on the lock screen. (only support on iOS 5.0 or higher)
✓ Anti auto screen lock when your iPhone is charging.

☞ For Music Player

✓ Scrubbing (Hi/Half/Quarter/Fine-speed)
✓ AB Repeat
✓ Adjustable playback speed.
✓ Three of playlist types.
- (A) iPod library (iTunes) : Using iTunes playlists. (recommend)
- (B) My playlist from iPod library (iTunes) - Generating from iTunes playlist (Not recommend)
. (When you change a iTunes playlist, you must do 'SYNC' for reassign playlist.)
- (C) My playlist from documents directory(MP3/M4A). (recommend)
. a) Sending a ZIP archived file (including Media file) to iTunes file sharing (It's not iTunes playlist). (recommend. It's the fastest method.)
. Run iTunes->Select a device(iPod Touch or iPhone)->Select 'Application' on the top.->Select a 'AcroPlayer' at 'File Sharing'->Add a ZIP (including media file) to 'AcroPlayer Documents'.
. b) Sending a ZIP or a media file via Web-browser. (Not recommend. Simple but low transfer speed. Network may be unstable depending on the state.)
. Select 'My playlist'->'Get Files'->'Get a file via http...' on AcroPlayer then input IP address on your web browser and upload a ZIP or media file (PC and your iPhone must exist on same local network).
✓ ID3 tag support. (using UTF-8)

(!) Notice (Belows are common limitation on 3rd party apps.)

- Mixed with the iPhone built-in player and other players use cab affect behavior of the remote control feature.
(The last executed players or application using remote control will take control of the remote control in iOS.)
Because of this, if the remote control to malfunction, please re-run a AcroPlayer after terminate one completely.
(How to terminate : Double click the HOME button->Touch and hold AcroPlayer on the fast-swiching dock on bottom.->Touch the [X] of AcroPlayer icon on the fast-switching dock on bottom.)
- Safari and some other apps, can affect playback of AcroPlayer. (When you use other apps, to move on to next song can cause delays.)
- If you want to use a music alarm feature, please run AcroPlayer on foreground.
- Please activate notification of AcroPlayer on setting of iPhone for the situations when this application terminates or run in background mode.
(iOS 4.x : Settings->Notifications->AcroPlayer ON)
(iOS 5.x : Settings->Notifications->AcroPlayer->Notification Center ON)

VER 1.6
Size : 37.9MB
Aug 10, 2012

What's new in Version 1.6
- When user update app from old-versions, the play hangs resolved.
- Brightness range of clock mode has changed.