توجه ! این یک نسخه آرشیو شده میباشد و در این حالت شما عکسی را مشاهده نمیکنید برای مشاهده کامل متن و عکسها بر روی لینک مقابل کلیک کنید : LightUp Challenge symbian 9.3 - بازی زیبای چالش درفضا

2012-04-23, 09:11 PM
LightUp Challenge symbian 9.3

بازی زیبای چالش درفضا
فرمت بای جاوا


Light up all the targets with the appropriate light color by directing the light beams through mirrors, color-changing prism, light benders, splitters, breakers, mixers and many other light-changing devices.
The game is very simple to control and master. You drag and drop items from the
inventory at the bottom of the screen, and then place them on the game board where they are needed. A quick tap on an item will rotate it, so as to reflect and direct the light appropriately. When all the target are lit with the correct light color, you'll progress to the next level.
Avoid directing light into the black holes though, as this would create a temporal hole that will speed up time and impact on your final score.