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2011-11-05, 02:10 PM
Texas Hold'em s60v3

بازی زیبای ورق

فرمت بازی :جاوا



Run your adversaries off the table in quick game mode, or play career mode for challenging tournament-style action.

Win 5 tournaments in a row to become the world champion. Downtown Texas Hold?em ? the ultimate wireless poker. World-popular Texas Hold?em ? now mobile! Play mobile card games against 4 in-phone opponents on Atlantic City, Vegas, St. Thomas & other themed tables. Enjoy exciting high stakes poker with intuitive, easy-to-use controls, colorful graphics, fun music, and selectable opponent play styles.

- 5-player games feature you vs. four computer opponents
- Play "Quick Game" mode for a fast poker fix
- Play "Career" mode and win 5 consecutive tournaments to win the "Downtown Texas Hold'em" World Championship
- Enjoy 6 distinctive background themes
- Play against 7 unique opponent play styles including aggressive, conservative and tricky
- Colorful graphics, sound effects and intuitive game play make "Downtown Texas Hold'em" the definitive wireless poker experience

How to play:

Playing “Downtown Texas Hold’em” is simple and intuitive. Most game actions can be executed by simply pressing the "OK" button.
Press "OK" to start a hand, to continue game action and to select menu items.
Use the "D Pad" to scroll through menu items.
Press the "#" key to check the chip totals for all players at the table.
If the game plays too quickly for you, try changing the “Auto Play” setting from “On” to “Off” to play the game at your own pace. The “Auto Play” setting can be found in the “Options” menu.


Hand Decisions
During hands, you will be prompted to make decisions on how to play your hand.
Fold: Select “Fold” if your hand does not appear good enough to win.
Check: Select “Check” if you want to stay in the hand, but you do not want to bet.
Call: Select “Call” if you want to bet an amount equal to the last player’s bet.
Bet: Select “Bet” if you think you have a chance to win the hand.
Raise: Select “Raise” if you think you have the best hand at the table.
For bets and raises, you will be able to choose the amount of your bet or raise. Choose any amount you like above the minimum bet, or choose “All-In” to bet all of your chips on one hand.

In a Quick Game, each player starts with $50,000 in chips. Run your four computer opponents off the table by taking all of their chips to win a quick game. Your progress in a Quick Game is not saved.

In Career Mode, your goal is to beat five consecutive tournaments and win the “Downtown Texas Hold’em” World Championship.
Each time you win a tournament, you advance to a new tournament location where the table stakes will be increased.

Progress Saved:
During a Career Mode game, your progress is always automatically saved. This means you can quit of a Career Mode game at any time and return to the exact point at which you left.

Losing the Game:
In Career Mode, you lose the game if you get bounced from any of the five tournaments along the way. If you lose at any of the five tournament locations, you must go back and start again at the very first tournament location.

#1 – Royal Flush (A, K, Q, J, 10 of same suit)
#2 – Straight Flush (Five cards in sequence of same suit)
#3 – Four of a Kind (Four cards with the same index, such as four queens)
#4 – Full House (Three of a kind plus a pair)
#5 – Flush (Five cards of the same suit)
#6 – Straight (Five cards in sequence)
#7 – Three of a Kind (Three cards of the same index)
#8 – Two Pair (Two separate pairs)
#9 – Pair (Two cards of the same index)
#10 – High Card (The highest card of all players)

Tips & hints:
- By analyzing the community cards, you can determine what the best possible hand is for the current hand.
- Don’t chase bad hands. The best way to stay alive in a game is to throw away bad cards as soon as possible and focus on the next hand.