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Master Boy
2011-01-10, 07:55 PM
Skee-Ball S60v5 Supplied by Kriker

بازی جالب پرتاب توپ

فرمت بازی : جاوا

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* The official Skee-Ball license for the first time on your cell phone!
* 3 types of gameplay faithfully re-created to provide you with all the fun of Skee-Ball, Scat Cats and Alley Hoops!
* Dozens of challenges and events to play and unlock across 10 classic American locations, from New York City to Seattle and even Roswell, New Mexico!
* All kinds of unlockable achievements earned by performing spectacular shots! You can also try to win new game modes and skins for your balls and machines!
* A Battle mode that lets you play with up to 4 people on the same device for even more fun and enjoyment!
* A replay mode to watch your best shots again and again along with a statistics section that records all of your past shots and best performances!

2011-10-15, 07:10 PM
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دانلود : Skee-Ball v1.0.3 360x640.jar (http://upload.ir-tci.org/files/178/Skee-Ball%20v1.0.3%20360x640.jar)